The Guests: Λάμπρος Παπαλέξης 28-05-2014

Playlist Εξαιρετική

Playlist for Show: Playlist Εξαιρετική

The Band – Stage Fright

Devil Dolls – Queen Of The Road

Alexis Korner – Operator

Mavis Staples – I Like The Things About Me

Hugo Race – Two Many Zeros

Big Mamma Thornton – Summertime

Richie Havens – Tombstone Blues

Boss  Hog – Itchy & Scratchy

Bruce Springsteen – New York City Serenade

Julie Driscol & Brian Auger – Tramp

Van Morrison – I’ve Been Working

Cowboy Junkies – Ooh Las Vegas

Lou Reed – Ride  Sally Ride

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