Christmas Edition [Το Φράγμα Του Ήχου S04E10 23-12-2016]

Το Φράγμα Του Ήχου

Playlist for Show: Το Φράγμα Του Ήχου

  • 1 Christmas in Heaven by Monty Python
  • 2 American Jesus (Andy Wallace Mix) by Bad Religion
  • 3 Merry Christmas ( I Don’t wanna Fight Tonight) by Ramones
  • 4 My First Christmas as a Woman by Vandals
  • 5 Fuck Christmas by Fear
  • 6 Trim Yo’ Tree by Mojo Nixon & The Toadliquors
  • 7 Christmas Is Going To The Dogs by Eels
  • 8 Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis by Magnapop
  • 9 Bizarre Christmas Incident by Ben Folds
  • 10 Beatnik’s Wish by Patsy Raye And The Beatniks
  • 11 Batman: The Lost Christmas Episode by Adam West
  • 12 Post Office Christmas Party by Deadbolt
  • 13 Dead Christmas by Monster Magnet
  • 14 There’s No Light On The Christmas Tree Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  • 15 Don’t Believe in Christmas by The Sonics
  • 16 Father Christmas by The Kinks
  • 17 Christmas Song by Weezer
  • 18 Carol Of The Bells by Vienna Boy’s Choir

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