Avopolis Radio Broadcast 06-07-2014

Playlist for Show:

(Όχι με την σειρά που ακούγονται)

Of Montreal-Suffer for Fashion
Death Grips – No Love
FKA Twigs- Papi Pacify
Fleetwood Mac- Rhiannon
Crap Detectors-Police State
Kindling – Sunspots
Hercules and Lonve Affair (feat.John Grant)- I try to Talk to you
Sauna Heat-Sharkbait
Vacant Fever – Headdress Made of Fire
Christian Rainer- Stranger (Miel OST)
Stickers- Outlet
David Bowie- Cactus
The Dresden Dolls- Missed Me
Tori Amos- Wild Way
Sublime- Santeria
Mac DeMarco- Let her Go
United Nations- The Shape of Punk that Never Came
Sofa Surfers- Sofa Rockers
Poino- Code Brown
Zola Jesus- Dangerous Days
Elliott Brood- Cadillac Dust
Dessert Sessions- Covered in punks blood
Negative Approach- Your Mistake
The Malakas- Too Many Problems
Misfits- Astro Zombies
Acid Baby Jesus- Banned in Jerusalem
Cock Sparrer – Tame em all
Damned – New Rose
Meteors- Bad Moon Rising
Hawaii Samurai- Voodoo Princess Terror
The Ramones- I want you Around

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