Playlist for Show: Latcho Drom

Latcho Drom #47 (4/2/2015) Playlist
{Laura Nyro}

01. Goodbye Joe [More Than a New Discovery, 1966]
02. Blowin’ Away [More Than a New Discovery, 1966]
03. Sweet Blindness [Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, 1968]
04. Stoned Soul Picnic [Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, 1968]
05. Captain for Dark Mornings [New York Tendaberry, 1969]
06. Beads of Sweat [Christmas and the Beads of Sweat, 1970]
07. Laura Nyro and Labelle – Monkey Time/Dancing in the Street [Gonna Take a Miracle, 1971]
08. Laura Nyro and Labelle – It’s Gonna Take a Miracle [Gonna Take a Miracle, 1971]
09. Money [Smile, 1976]
10. Mr. Blue (The Song of Communications) [Nested, 1978]
11. Sophia [Mother’s Spiritual, 1984]
12. Walk The Dog & Light The Light (Song Of The Road) [Walk The Dog & Light The Light, 1993]
13. Angel in the Dark [Angel in the Dark, 2001]


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