Playlist for Show: Latcho Drom

Latcho Drom #42 (03/12/2014) Playlist
{Thierry Titi Robin}

01. L’Exil (with Hameed Khan) [Luth & Tablâ, 1986]
02. Jean-Louis ha Marivon (with Erik Marchand) [An Henchou Treuz (Chants du Centre-Bretagne), 1990]
03. Payo Michto (Zyriab de Cordoba) [Gitans, 1993]
04. Maorie [Le Regard Nu, 1996]
05. Swing Wassoulou [Kali Gadji, 1998]
06. Fandangos Maures [Un Ciel De Cuivre, 2000]
07. Chirma Mala (with Gulabi Sapera) [Rakhî, 2002]
08. Rumba Choucarde [Alezane, “Le Jour”, 2004]
09. Ton Doux Visage [Ces Vagues que l’Amour Soulève, 2005]
10. Chambe Di Booti (with Faiz Ali Faiz) [Jaadu, 2009]
11. Hindi Lovari [Les Rives – Laal Asmaan, India, 2011]
12. Sahara [Les Rives – Likaat, Morocco, 2011]
13. Memed Ve Seyrane [Les Rives – Gül Yapraklari, Turkey, 2011]


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