Playlist for Show: Latcho Drom

Latcho Drom #30 (07/07/2014)
{Ando Drom}

01. Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra – Ismail Kumbia (Rom/Cumbia) [Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra, 2013]
02. Gypsy Pacific – Moku Kia Kahi [Wela, 2005]
03. Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra – Djelem Djelem [Imbarca, 2014]
04. Loyko – Loyko [Russian Gypsy Soul, 2000]
05. Lilya Erdenko – Solnyshko [Russian Gypsy Soul, 2000]
06. Toni Iordache – Cantec Si Breaze Ca La Fantanele [The Rough Guide To The Music Of Romanian Gypsies, 2008]
07. Félix Lajkó & Boban Markovic Orkestar – Félix Kolo (Serbia) [The Rough Guide To The Music Of Balkan Gypsies, 2005]
08. Mahala Raï Banda – Mahalageasca (Romania) [The Rough Guide To The Music Of Balkan Gypsies, 2005]
09. Ando Drom – Lindráji Szi [L’épopée Tzigane – Road Of The Gypsies, 1997]
10. Montse Cortés con Juana la del Pipa – Ayer En Hoy (Bulería Por Soleá) [Flamencas En La Sombra, 2014]
11. Kostas Pavlidis – Jastar Amenge Dur [Songs Of Greece’s Gypsies, 1999]

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